Opps, I Knit too Much!

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So, in the excitement of knitting out all my goodies in my Magic Yarn Ball, I didn't really pay enough attention* to how long my vest was getting and started the pockets too far down.

So now I have to frog it all the way back to 6cm above the pockets and do them all over again!

But I should look on the bright side - it'll give me a chance to get better photos of the pocket construction so I can include a tutorial for it in the pattern (I did take some, but they turned out really blurry).  And I'm thinking I might make the pockets a bit wider too.

Joining in with the crafty makings over here.

*It was actually an error in my measuring rather than a 'just kept knitting' mistake - I measured from the underarm instead of from the back neck!


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  1. oh, how annoying! At least you can find a bright side!

  2. Oh no, that's really annoying. I hate when that happens. I like the yarn colour though, and I'm sure it'll look fantastic when it's finished.


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