Breaking a Record

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I'm sure it must be breaking a record, for me anyway that's for sure!

I cast off a size 10yrs cardigan test knit last night.  Then I actually sewed in all the ends and blocked it straight away!  (That's the first record - sewing in ends and blocking immediately.)

Then the BigMiss got to wear it to mufti day at school, after I'd taken quick 5-mins-before-having-to-leave-the-house photos of her modelling it.  I uploaded the photos to my Ravelry project page and the testing forum.  (That's the second record - updating my project page on the same day of finishing.)

And now here I am, telling you all about it on the very same day also!! (Amazing, I know!)

So, you want the details, right?

The pattern is the soon-to-be-released Suzanne by the infamous Tikki (aka Georgie Hallam) and is the third in the sister pattern series which currently includes Jane and Elizabeth (check out the next one ready for testing, Anne).

The yarn is Unicorn Tail from the Red Riding Hood Yarn's Winter Yarn Club 2011 - I managed to score a second skein from a de-stash on Ravelry.  And, even though I did need that second skein, this cardigan is very light on the yarn - this size 10yrs used 270g before I lengthened the sleeves (madam decided that 3/4 sleeves were not for her, thank you very much!)  I've yet to weigh it to get the final usage with the full length sleeves, but 270g equates to approx 690yds/630m of 8ply/DK yarn!

It was such a fun pattern to knit.  You start with the sleeves and then pick up and work the body down.  And the cute daisy stitch she used as the borders is a perfect dress-it-up feature also.

And did I mention, it only took me just over two weeks from start to finish?  Surely that must be record number four!  (I think it was helped by the weekend away that consisted of lots knitting while driving and sitting yakking when visiting.)


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  1. Well done being so organized with your knitting! It is just lovely, what a nice pattern!


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