MYB Swap

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Now you might be asking "What's a MYB Swap?"

It's a Magic Yarn Ball Swap.

A special kind of swap where special goodies are hidden inside a ball of yarn.  This means that you have to actually knit the yarn to get the goodies!

A group I belong to on Ravelry was having one and I was so excited to join in as it was my first ever swap of any kind!  (I was never a regular enough member/talker on the other forum they were usually run through to participate.)

So, basically we were given a list of questions to answer about our yarn preferences and our hobbies, likes, dislikes (to help our partner choose goodies to be included) and things like that.  Then we were assigned a secret partner who we had to find yarn and goodies for.  That's when the fun begins!

I had loads of fun finding just the right yarn and going shopping for little goodies (could be food, crafting or general related stuff) to wrap up in the yarn.

And then, when my yarn ball was almost ready to post off to my partner, the one for me arrived!

It is so gorgeous!  Super soft and squishy yarn from Little Plum Yarn called Mocha.  And the poking-out goodies are really tempting me to get knitting with it straight away to see what I've got!

J suggested I make a Billy vest for the bubs out of it so that's what it'll be I think, though probably sized for next winter to get the most use out of it.

I'll post a photo of the yarn ball I sent when I hear it arrives, though silly me forgot to take photos of the goodies I put inside before winding the yarn around it all!


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