Oh, Goody! Presents for Me!

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Did you know it's my birthday today?

So far I've been nicely spoiled and thought I'd quickly show everyone some of the gifts I got before I head off to work.

The first one came last week:

Can you see the Magic Yarn Ball ready to go off to my swappee?  I don't think she's guessed it's from me yet, so I won't post a proper picture of it!

A set of seagrass chairs to go in front of the fire.

You can tell the fire has been going because the cat is there!

Even though I had a hand in the purchasing decision, we're calling them my present as I was greatly in need of somewhere comfortable to sit.  My current getting-rounder condition means that the second-hand-when-we-got-it-ten-years-ago, very low couch is terrible to sit in and hard to get out of!  And they pass the knitting test (i.e. I can comfortably knit in them!)

From J and the girls I got some more useful presents, the best ones being the mortar and pestle and this really cool clock:

Apparently LittleMiss chose it - she has good taste!

Still in it's box at the moment, but it will go somewhere in the kitchen area, of course!

Then a courier knocked on the door and dropped off a huge box, though this was addressed to both J and I but did include a birthday card for me.  In it was this:

A very cool new quilt for our bed!  Made specially for us by my Nana to replace the one she made me for my 21st:

It's been well loved in the ten years we've had it and was greatly in need of replacement.


We happened to mention this to Nana when we visited over summer and she offered to make a new one for us.  Though the old one will still get used I'm sure!  Especially on the cold frosty nights when we need that extra layer - like last night was!

And you can even get your own quilt made by my Nana as she has a little website where she sells them, as well as other crafty stuff she makes - check it out, there's some cool stuff there!  I'm sure she'll even post overseas if you ask her nicely!

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  1. Hey Amber, many happy returns for the day.......hope there's cake involved somewhere, hehe

    Some lovely and thoughtful pressies there and that quilt from your Nana is wonderful.

    I think the knitting/crochet test for new furniture is an absolute essential....enjoy sitting by the heater and knitting. It's the time of year for it.

    Claire ❀❀

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad to see you are being spoilt! What a gorgeous modern quilt, love the colours!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday! Glad to hear you have been spoilt and hope you have a fab day!


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