Duck's Disease

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Once J said to me, as he saw me from behind doing dishes, "You look like you've got Duck's Disease."

"What's Duck's Disease?"

"It's when your legs are too short for your body so your bum's too close to the ground."

Not much of a fair comment coming from him as he's around 6'4" anyway, though sometimes I do tend to agree with him.

Like any time I buy a new pair of jeans.  They're all made about 2" too long for me.

I always have to take up the hems.  But I hate when people can tell you did (or worse, you make them too short).  So I take ages making sure they're the perfect length and look just like shop-bought whenever I do.

It's a job that often gets put off and I usually go around like this:

Yep, rolled up hems instead.

Which looks worse than a badly sewn hem (it's like wearing a sign saying 'I'm short').

So, with my latest pair of jeans I would'nt let myself wear them until I'd shortened the hems.  Almost three weeks after buying them I got an unexpected afternoon off work (computer died) and decided that was the day I'd do my jeans!

The perfect length - just touching the ground when not in shoes...

and not touching the ground when wearing shoes.

The only problem is that now we're into Spring and the sun is rather warm on black jeans so I'm thinking a pair of light-coloured jeans would be a better idea!

What sort of necessary alterations do you have to make when buying clothes?

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  1. I have entirely the opposite problem where everything is too short ... sigh!

  2. I have the same problem, have to take up all my jeans. So annoying!

  3. "Duck's disease" was a running gag for Harry Seacombe on the Goon Show for years... (accompanied by appropriate sound effects, of course! )


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