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The other day, my girls asked me about putting my knitting 'on the internet' so I showed them my Ravelry project page.

They then proceeded to ask, "Can I put mine on the internet too?"
"Sure, when you have a bit more to show." I replied.

So the knitting and crocheting continued with more gusto!

And here's what they've been working on:
LittleMiss is doing an excellent job with her knitting, so much so that I think it's time I taught her how to purl!

MiddleMiss didn't want to do her knitting anymore (I think because LittleMiss picked up on it quicker and better than she had!) so I showed her how to crochet instead.  Just a basic granny-square type stitch, but she's taken to it excellently.

BigMiss did a bit of knitting a while ago, but acrylic yarn on plastic needles was not much fun!  So she picked up her French Knitting and has been having fun trying to make stripes with that.  I did try to teach her crochet but that just ended in tears, so I think we'll go back to knitting - this time with real wool and metal needles!

What crafty-ness do your kids get up to?

A bit late, but joining in with the crafty fun over here.


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  1. awwww.. how gorgeous little people knitting/crochet... that's so cute!! Love it :)

  2. I know that feeling. My mum constantly showed me how to knit when I was younger and I loved it when she did, but I always felt I could never get anywhere with it. A few years later I taught myself how to crochet and haven't looked back - I always found it so much easier, I think because I felt more like I could make it up as I went along, not one for patterns much. Plus the whole thing doesn't unravel if you make a mistake in crocheting.

    Your girls are doing a great job. It was lovely to stop by and be remineded of when I first got taught these skills by my own mother xoxo


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