And Knit Some More

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Plain stocking stitch, though very boring, is rather satisfying.  In that it's really quick.

I'm halfway through one sleeve on the jersey I showed in my last post (and I did have to re-do a bit of it because of the pocket needing to be bigger than I'd first done) and already thinking about the next one.

But first I have to finish my Sweet As...Cardigan for MiddleMiss as today in the post I got this:
Photo borrowed from Red Riding Hood Yarns' facebook

I'd run out of yarn to do the long sleeves as there'd been a mix-up between the 10ply and 8ply yarn so I'd asked Hannah to dye me up some matching trim to do contrast sleeves.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go lighter or darker so asked for both and the one I don't use can always turn into a matching hat or scarf.

But, of course, now that I'm going to finally get the desperately-needed-warm-cardigan finished, the weather is beautifully warm and Spring-like!  Not that I'm complaining - I love Spring!

Now all I need is some free computer time to type up the pattern ready for testing!


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