Blogtober Fest!

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It's that time of year again.


For us that means that work is slowing down, school holidays are here (or, thanks to RWC, here after this week) and it's time to start thinking about MiddleMiss' birthday.

But it also means it's Blogtober!  That time of year where you challenge yourself to post every day for a whole month.  (Though don't expect me to do it every day and I'll admit now that I fully intend to cheat and make good use of the scheduled posts feature!)

Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

I may be a few days late joining the game, but as there aren't really any rules, except to have fun, I'm sure no one will mind!

Make sure you click the picture to link to the page showing all the participants.  It's a great way to find blogs you wouldn't otherwise!


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