Yes, I DO Knit Other People's Patterns!

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I get so caught up with my own design work that I don't seem to knit many other patterns.

But the other day there was a callout for testers of a new shawl pattern that looked simple and quick.  Though I commented that I didn't have quite the right yarn for it and wasn't too sure about the time to commit.

Then I got a message saying that the designer's yarn supplier was willing to give the yarn for free to the testers and I decided that, yes, I did actually have time to knit it after all!

This is the yarn I got:

A beautiful silk-merino 2ply/laceweight by Spinning a Yarn in a gorgeous pink colourway (it had no tag so I don't know the name).

It was such beautiful yarn to work with and so soft!

Here is the finished shawl, modelled by BigMiss:

It's called Beach Shawl by Charlisa Anderson.

I love the zig-zag detailling that decreases in length.  You can see how at the end it's only a small zig-zag here:

I'm not much of a shawl person myself and when my Mum saw it last weekend she thought it might be just right for her!

I did mean to give it to her to take home, but forgot so it might have to be sent up for her birthday in a couple of weeks instead.


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