FO: Knotty but Nice

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Yay!  My first finished project for the TNN 10 in 2010 challenge.  This is for the category '10 projects':

Modelled on LittleMiss

What:  Knotty but Nice by Natalie Larson
Yarn:  Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply in Leaf
Needles:  4.5mm, 40cm circs
Would I knit again:  Maybe.  It sits low over your ears (didn't look good on J - he's got a small head) so I'd maybe start decreasing straight after the cable instead of doing the 7 rib rows the pattern says.  The cables were fun and once I got the idea, I didn't have to check the pattern so not too tricky to do.

This was a fun, quick knit that only took me a day to do (cast on Saturday night, finished Sunday night).  It's so nice to do quick projects like this when most of my other ones seem to be bigger, longer knits.  This hat is going to be sent off to my big bro up north (don't know if it gets cold enough up there to get use!) along with the Milo vest I made ages ago for his boy and the Aeolian Shawl (that's awaiting blocking) for my loverly SIL.  This is my style of Christmas presents - have the brilliant idea to make presents a month out from Christmas and finish almost a month late...

Now off to update my Ravelry...


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I got mail!

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Finally my VP order came!

This is (L-R) Dreamworking, Ship Building & Purple Prose sock yarn and a fancy turquoise Namaste Buddy Case.  The case is something I wanted when I first saw she was selling them so I finally bit the bullet and got one.  Here's a picture showing it open with the divider out (already filled with some of my stuff):

The top and base are magnetized to hold things in place.  Though it isn't strong enough to hold my scissors or the tips (they might not have enough steel in them though).  But, still, its fun to have something "flash" to keep things in.  Here it is again with my Namaste Catalina Pouch I got a while back:

Now all I need is a fancy wip bag instead of the cheap re-useable shop bags I'm using.  I saw a great tutorial here that someone posted about on TNN and if there was anywhere to get those cool looking hex frame things I would so be making one!  I might still have to look at it and see if I can modify it to work with a zip or snaps or something else...

Also, I finally took a photo of BigMiss in the OL I'm doing at the moment:

She has to act silly when you take photos!

I have rather skinny girls I find when knitting things - BigMiss is 6 1/2 but I had to do a size 5 as that best suited her chest measurement.  I was also quite please to hear that J did like the top after all.  I got BigMiss to try it on for him before I started the sleeve on Sunday and he told me it looked terrible and I should really ask him before knitting things!  Now he says it looks good with pants (she was wearing a short, pleated skirt which didn't flatter it)!

Oh, I also got some tips and cables in my VP order that I was waiting for to cast on my first Knotty but Nice hat, so I'll hopefully be able to get something finished for my 10 in 2010 soon (hats go quick for me)...


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(Some of) My stash

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Ok, as promised, I've taken a photo of my sock yarn stash:

All of this is from Vintage Purls and doesn't include the colourway I'm using at the moment for my sister's socks and the colourway I recently finished my Mum's socks in (or the three new colours on their way to me this week blush).

Also, my TWC order (for my next Oriental Lily) came on Saturday:

This is two hanks of Opal and a Sky for the contrast band.

And just yesterday my BWM order came:

The Teal and White cotton are for the Elenka I have planned and the Leaf (Luxury 10ply) is for my brothers' Knotty but Nice hats I'll be making soon.

I'll be posting a pic later this week when my VP order comes too (so much for the yarn-buying ban - mabye I'll start next week).

In other news, I'm making good progress on my Oriental Lily test knit.  I'm past half-way with one arm now.  I've decided that it will be for BigMiss as it's too long for MiddleMiss.  I might take a progress photo soon as I don't have a pic on my Rav page for it yet.  It's a bit of a pity I can't include it in my 10 in 2010 as I think it was marginal if it was less than 50% done before the new year (one of the rules).  I don't think I'll be struggling for my 10 though...(I do have all year too)


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Knitting Plans

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My loverly J is away today enjoying himself so I get to have a lazy day at home with the girls.  I was planning on taking a photo of my sock yarn stash as mentioned last time, but the camera is out today also.  So, instead I'll post a few photos I took the other day to update my Ravelry projects and detail what I have in mind on accomplishing (knit-wise) this year...

First up
This I'm planning on turning into a Rainbow Dress for my new niece for winter so I'll be doing a size 6mths or maybe slightly larger as it's more of a 5ply.  It's a hand-dyed crepe in a 'Berry' colourway with matching shop wool for contrast that I got off the TNN trading post.

This is the start of a Spring Butterfly for a friend's new girl.  I might still change my mind as she commented that she liked the idea of a cute winter dress like the Oriental Lily I was making when visiting the other day.  I don't think I'll do an Oriental Lily though as I'm planning on making at least another one after the test knit I'm doing at the moment so might turn this into a Kaia Babydoll instead.  The yarn is from The Wool Co in Watermelon with the top part done in Paeony Rose.

That's all I have photos of the yarn at the moment (until the camera is home again).  But in the meantime, here's some of my plans for knitting this year:
Knotty but Nice - I'm planning on making both my brother's one of these (and maybe J too if he likes it).  I have some Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury on order that I'm planning on using.
Poppy Cardigan - probably will make one each for the girls of this in whatever yarn I have enough of.  LittleMiss has her birthday at the begining of Feburary and she's the only one that doesn't have a doll yet so guess what she'll be getting then?
Gail - I started this just two days ago.  Planning on giving it to my Mum and doing it with beads in the 'spine' of the 'leaf' part of the pattern.  So far it looks good...
Oriental Lily - I'm making one of these already as a test knit for Tikki the designer, but we're having arguments over whose it will be.  I started it a while ago for MiddleMiss in TWC Gems, but then ripped it to re-do a different size with the proper pattern.  I'm doing the size based on BigMiss' measurements, but it's a little tighter than I want for a winter jersey and it is the colour MiddleMiss chose so it might just be hers anyway. 
So yesterday I ordered some Opal and Sky from TWC to make another one to keep them both happy.
Elenka - I've ordered the yarn for this from BWM when I ordered the Luxury for the hat (above), though I'm not sure who it will be for.  I'm planning on making the largest size (which is a size 5) and just seeing who it fits.

So that gives me eight knits towards my "10 in 2010 - finish 10 projects" category.

I'm also planning on doing these socks:
Outside In - Started these for me last year but ripped as they were too tight so will either do in a larger size or larger needles.  Doing in a Vintage Purls' colourway called Brandywine.
My Vampire Boyfriend - I have the perfect red to do these in!
Absinthe - I have a few nice greens to use for this.
Shur'tugal - I was planning on doing this for my sis but she chose her own pattern so I might still do this for me as I have a few 'dragon' type colours in my stash.
Monkey - I've started this several times for BigMiss, but think I finally have it worked out to make a size that will fit!  The yarn is ripped and re-wound so it will be a fresh start.
Dolce - I have this yarn which LittleMiss chose for herself so thought I'd attempt to make this to fit her...
Brigit - This is what my sis has chosen for herself which I started earlier this week (after finishing Mum's socks I was making).

So that's seven towards my "10 in 2010 - Socks"
Plus I have to make something for MiddleMiss which I haven't decided on what yet, and I've signed up for the Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club which will give my another three, and there are many other sock patterns I have in my Rav favourites...Mayby I'll be doing two lots of 10???

And if that's not all enough, I've also been tempted to jump on the "10 in 2010 - Dishcloths" wagon by this blog post that I heard about.  I'm not sure I'll do it as dishcloths, I had an interesting idea to make up squares of wool and join them together to make a blanket at the end of the year instead...Still deciding so haven't cast on yet (waiting for BWM order to arrive which has my cotton in it anyway).

So, whether it takes me all year to do this or only a few months we'll find out...


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Hello World!

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I've decided to join the blog-revolution!

I'm in need of somewhere to 'discuss' my latest addiction to knitting.  Sock knitting in particular.  Or really (the last month or so) it's been sock yarn buying.  I have a rather large stash now.  My girls have told me I'm not allowed to buy any more.  So with a new year I've made a resolution to not buy any more until I need to.  (Read:  Until the current pile has been used, NOT: Until I fall in love with a particular colourway).  I might have to take a picture to show exactly the extent of my buying...

To help me with my stash-busting I've signed up to the TNN 10 in 2010 challenge on Ravelry.  So far I've committed myself to 10 pairs of socks, 10 dolls clothes and 10 of anything.


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