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Ok, as promised, I've taken a photo of my sock yarn stash:

All of this is from Vintage Purls and doesn't include the colourway I'm using at the moment for my sister's socks and the colourway I recently finished my Mum's socks in (or the three new colours on their way to me this week blush).

Also, my TWC order (for my next Oriental Lily) came on Saturday:

This is two hanks of Opal and a Sky for the contrast band.

And just yesterday my BWM order came:

The Teal and White cotton are for the Elenka I have planned and the Leaf (Luxury 10ply) is for my brothers' Knotty but Nice hats I'll be making soon.

I'll be posting a pic later this week when my VP order comes too (so much for the yarn-buying ban - mabye I'll start next week).

In other news, I'm making good progress on my Oriental Lily test knit.  I'm past half-way with one arm now.  I've decided that it will be for BigMiss as it's too long for MiddleMiss.  I might take a progress photo soon as I don't have a pic on my Rav page for it yet.  It's a bit of a pity I can't include it in my 10 in 2010 as I think it was marginal if it was less than 50% done before the new year (one of the rules).  I don't think I'll be struggling for my 10 though...(I do have all year too)


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  1. oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! i am salivating over your Vintage purls stash! do you have Prince of Burma too? i am so totally jeloues!

  2. I do have Prince of Burma (bottom left next to blue)...


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