I got mail!

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Finally my VP order came!

This is (L-R) Dreamworking, Ship Building & Purple Prose sock yarn and a fancy turquoise Namaste Buddy Case.  The case is something I wanted when I first saw she was selling them so I finally bit the bullet and got one.  Here's a picture showing it open with the divider out (already filled with some of my stuff):

The top and base are magnetized to hold things in place.  Though it isn't strong enough to hold my scissors or the tips (they might not have enough steel in them though).  But, still, its fun to have something "flash" to keep things in.  Here it is again with my Namaste Catalina Pouch I got a while back:

Now all I need is a fancy wip bag instead of the cheap re-useable shop bags I'm using.  I saw a great tutorial here that someone posted about on TNN and if there was anywhere to get those cool looking hex frame things I would so be making one!  I might still have to look at it and see if I can modify it to work with a zip or snaps or something else...

Also, I finally took a photo of BigMiss in the OL I'm doing at the moment:

She has to act silly when you take photos!

I have rather skinny girls I find when knitting things - BigMiss is 6 1/2 but I had to do a size 5 as that best suited her chest measurement.  I was also quite please to hear that J did like the top after all.  I got BigMiss to try it on for him before I started the sleeve on Sunday and he told me it looked terrible and I should really ask him before knitting things!  Now he says it looks good with pants (she was wearing a short, pleated skirt which didn't flatter it)!

Oh, I also got some tips and cables in my VP order that I was waiting for to cast on my first Knotty but Nice hat, so I'll hopefully be able to get something finished for my 10 in 2010 soon (hats go quick for me)...


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  1. Mooooore VP yarn? Looks lovely...and very jelly of your buddy case!


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