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I've decided to join the blog-revolution!

I'm in need of somewhere to 'discuss' my latest addiction to knitting.  Sock knitting in particular.  Or really (the last month or so) it's been sock yarn buying.  I have a rather large stash now.  My girls have told me I'm not allowed to buy any more.  So with a new year I've made a resolution to not buy any more until I need to.  (Read:  Until the current pile has been used, NOT: Until I fall in love with a particular colourway).  I might have to take a picture to show exactly the extent of my buying...

To help me with my stash-busting I've signed up to the TNN 10 in 2010 challenge on Ravelry.  So far I've committed myself to 10 pairs of socks, 10 dolls clothes and 10 of anything.


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