Tickled Pink

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In need of a new summer top, I let MiddleMiss choose a skein of yarn from my Vintage Purls stash.  She chose a variegated pink called Tickle Me and I decided to design a t-shirt for her.

By the time I could try it on her and decide I didn't really like the look, I'd got all the way past the sleeves and several rows into the body.
It got put in the I don't like you pile until I felt like spending more time working on the design some more.

MiddleMiss noticed I hadn't been working on it and asked me when I was going to finish her top.  She was a little shocked when I showed her a re-wound ball of yarn and empty needles the next morning!

I'd changed my mind that night and decided to use a ready-to-go pattern instead.
(I cast it on that next night.)

This is Hine (another Kelly Brooker design).
But, in my usual fashion, I had to re-work the numbers as it's not written for 4ply.

I started on Thursday and have got this far already.  I've done the ribbing on the sleeves, sewn in all the ends and sewn on the buttons which are all the jobs I hate doing when I've finished.
Only the stocking stitch body to go to keep MiddleMiss happy.
(Need some movies to watch - always makes it go fast!)


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March of the Elephants

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My big brother had a little boy just before MiddleMiss' birthday last month.  And a new family member means an excuse for teeny tiny knitting.

And not wanting it to take me forever to design a special, for-the-new-baby knit that would only just be gifted before it was too small like I usually do, I decided to just knit someone else's pattern.

This is the Puerperium Cardigan pattern by a fellow Kiwi designer, Kelly Brooker.

The free, NB size pattern is written for 8ply/DK yarn but I wanted to use up some of my Vintage Purls sock yarn stash so re-calculated the numbers to suit.  Though, if I wasn't such a cheap-skate, I could've just bought the full Beyond Puerperium pattern which is multi-sized and written for three different yarn weights (including 4ply).
In my defense, I didn't even think to check if the full version included 4ply until after I'd knit it anyway!

Yarn - Vintage Purls sock in 'Chaff' and Patons (I think? very old, missing ball bands) crepe wool
Pattern - Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker (free NB size pattern)
Elephants - stranded knitting (my first attempt!) using this pattern
Buttons - umm, still to come?


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Rose Red

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Look what J gave me this weekend.

I won't say where he stole got it from.

The wine bottle makes a good vase.  It's all I had besides a drinking glass.


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More Clothes

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I seem to be on a roll with the sewing lately.

I made this for the BigMiss over the weekend:

Well, actually just the skirt and leggings as I'd made the tee a week or so ago.  (I think the tee makes the outfit look a bit busy - I didn't intend for it to be an 'oufit', she just put it on anyway.)

Pattern details:
Tee - Ottobre 3/2010 'Funky Sisters' design 31
Skirt - Ottobre 1/2011 'Indigo' design 18
Leggings - Ottobre 1/2011 'Cinnamon' design 17


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Unisex? Yeah Right!

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Take one "unisex" (meaning: boy style) t-shirt:

Attack with an un-picker:

Add one "Funky Sisters" Ottobre* t-shirt pattern:

Mix it all together with a sewing machine:
I had to put the tag back in!

And you now have one very happy little girl!

The tee was a birthday present from J for BigMiss (from way back in June!) and it really was unflattering and big.  She liked the idea of it, but didn't really like it so it got put in the drawer and forgotten about.

With the rearrangement of the bedrooms (when the carpet was finally in) there was also a rearrangement of the drawers and I found this tee back.  J had originally said that I could 'just take it in at the sides', but this tee pattern was a better idea as I'd made it before and knew it looked good on BigMiss.

I'm very happy with the result and BigMiss has worn it every day after school, claiming it's her favourite t-shirt now!

Joining in with other creative types.

*This is from issue 3/2010, pattern #31


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Naked No More

In the build-up to the birthday I was busy crafting away in the night hours on two little items for MiddleMiss' doll.

A cute little skirt to match the one I made her (she still wears it!)

 Pattern: Mini Coconut Ice by Deanne Ramsay
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8ply in Teal & White

And a cardigan to go with it

Pattern: Poppy Cardigan by Georgie Hallam (aka Tikki)
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8ply in White & Teal

I only just got them finished in time too - the last sleeve was knitted and finished the night before!


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The Birthday

So, MiddleMiss turned 7 on Sunday.

J told her that I hadn't really had time to make a fancy cake so hopefully she wouldn't be disappointed as she was just going to have a plain round cake.

She was impressed with the pink glittery sprinkles and fancy squiggly candles and said she liked it anyway.

Then J cut her a piece and she was even more impressed that it was a Rainbow cake!

 It was loads of fun to make and even tasted good too!

Idea from here.  Recipe and instructions from here.  Other creative types over here.


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Blogtober Fail

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You might have noticed I missed posting the last 10 or so days in Blogtober.

I really did mean to and even had posts planned in my head, but computer time didn't happen as there were more important things going on.


A long weekend where J got an extra day off work so we painted doors.

Then the 'real' day off work where we spent a family afternoon at the beach (after putting another coat of paint on the doors).

Even the dog came - she's part of the family too!

It was too cold to swim so we didn't take togs, but they still got very wet anyway (went home in the car in their knickers!)

And don't forget the sand castle building!

And then school holidays were over and it was back to work during the day and homework every afternoon and tidying the house in the evening and planning the MiddleMiss' birthday and a new nephew to knit for and, and...you know how it goes.

So I didn't complete Blogtober, but it's not the end of the world!

Though I did get up to lots of stuff over the last week which I fully intend to catch up on in the next few days.


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