Unisex? Yeah Right!

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Take one "unisex" (meaning: boy style) t-shirt:

Attack with an un-picker:

Add one "Funky Sisters" Ottobre* t-shirt pattern:

Mix it all together with a sewing machine:
I had to put the tag back in!

And you now have one very happy little girl!

The tee was a birthday present from J for BigMiss (from way back in June!) and it really was unflattering and big.  She liked the idea of it, but didn't really like it so it got put in the drawer and forgotten about.

With the rearrangement of the bedrooms (when the carpet was finally in) there was also a rearrangement of the drawers and I found this tee back.  J had originally said that I could 'just take it in at the sides', but this tee pattern was a better idea as I'd made it before and knew it looked good on BigMiss.

I'm very happy with the result and BigMiss has worn it every day after school, claiming it's her favourite t-shirt now!

Joining in with other creative types.

*This is from issue 3/2010, pattern #31


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


  1. Wow that is an awesome restyle! clever you :)

  2. That looks fantastic. I just happen to have this pattern too, so might give this a go. One question though, did you use a coverstitch machine?

  3. Great job on the refashion - it looks terrific on your daughter. No wonder it's her favourite tee. Thanks for sharing.

  4. now that is much better... good idea, and good save :)


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