Blogtober Fail

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You might have noticed I missed posting the last 10 or so days in Blogtober.

I really did mean to and even had posts planned in my head, but computer time didn't happen as there were more important things going on.


A long weekend where J got an extra day off work so we painted doors.

Then the 'real' day off work where we spent a family afternoon at the beach (after putting another coat of paint on the doors).

Even the dog came - she's part of the family too!

It was too cold to swim so we didn't take togs, but they still got very wet anyway (went home in the car in their knickers!)

And don't forget the sand castle building!

And then school holidays were over and it was back to work during the day and homework every afternoon and tidying the house in the evening and planning the MiddleMiss' birthday and a new nephew to knit for and, know how it goes.

So I didn't complete Blogtober, but it's not the end of the world!

Though I did get up to lots of stuff over the last week which I fully intend to catch up on in the next few days.


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