Tickled Pink

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In need of a new summer top, I let MiddleMiss choose a skein of yarn from my Vintage Purls stash.  She chose a variegated pink called Tickle Me and I decided to design a t-shirt for her.

By the time I could try it on her and decide I didn't really like the look, I'd got all the way past the sleeves and several rows into the body.
It got put in the I don't like you pile until I felt like spending more time working on the design some more.

MiddleMiss noticed I hadn't been working on it and asked me when I was going to finish her top.  She was a little shocked when I showed her a re-wound ball of yarn and empty needles the next morning!

I'd changed my mind that night and decided to use a ready-to-go pattern instead.
(I cast it on that next night.)

This is Hine (another Kelly Brooker design).
But, in my usual fashion, I had to re-work the numbers as it's not written for 4ply.

I started on Thursday and have got this far already.  I've done the ribbing on the sleeves, sewn in all the ends and sewn on the buttons which are all the jobs I hate doing when I've finished.
Only the stocking stitch body to go to keep MiddleMiss happy.
(Need some movies to watch - always makes it go fast!)


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