Hi! I'm Still Here...

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In case you haven't noticed, it's that festive time of year again.

Which means that the girls are on holiday and I have a-million-and-one things to do and organise before J's three week holiday period off work.

During any school holidays, most of my time is spent juggling between entertaining the girls and finding babysitters for them so I can still work and internet time is always the first to suffer as it's really not that important (then the housework - it's about as unimportant isn't it?)

So please forgive me if I seem a bit absent from this space for the next month or so.  Though I do have several things I've made lately that I plan on posting about when I can, as well as a new design I released earlier this month.

I hope you all have a great family time this Christmas and, if you don't hear from me sooner, I'll see you all again in the new year!


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