KAL with Me!

Did you know that I'm hosting a KAL (knit-a-long) for my patterns this month?  It's over in the Budding Designers Downunder group on Ravelry.  (You can find a discount code for 25% off all my patterns until this Friday over in the thread.)

And I even have a couple new designs that I've released in time for the KAL too!

You might remember a while ago that I designed a vest pattern for a new nephew of mine.  And then the pattern just sat there mostly written up but not finished.

Turns out having a little boy of my own to knit for is making me hurry up and finish the boy designs I have in process!

This one is called Billy and is available in sizes NB to 10 years.  You can purchase it through my Ravelry store for $US6.

The second pattern release from me this month is yet another waiting-for-me-to-get-around-to-it design. 

This one is a cowl that I knit for the MiddleMiss last winter, then I tweaked the pattern and knit one for the BigMiss and that's as far as I got - that one sat around waiting for buttons which only happened recently!

This pattern is called Herring and you can download it for free through my Ravelry store.

I'm also hosting an Accessories KAL this month in the same group so this pattern will be perfect to enter in that.

For the KAL I'm making another Billy for the Little Man as the one he's modelling is being sent off as a gift to a friend's new baby boy.  And I have to make another cowl - for the LittleMiss this time - so I might try enter that in the accessories KAL too!

Try join in either KAL - there's some good prizes to be won!


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