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Last week I got to have an evening out at the movies, which is a rare occurence for me, but it wasn't just any old evening at the movies - it was a special Lights Up Knitting session!

My (not quite) local theatre, The Embassy, is lucky enough to have a manager who knits and she decided a few months back to gauge interest in a 'lights on low' movie session.  There was definitely interest and the first Lights Up Knitting at The Embassy happened in April with such great response that it's shaping up to be a bi-monthly affair!

When I found out that The Great Gatsby was June's movie, I thought I should try and go (I'm rather fond of Leonardo DiCaprio...)  Then I was fortunate enough to win a ticket through Red Riding Hood Yarns so booked my sister-in-law in for a girls night out in Wellington!

It was a really enjoyable evening out.  Starting with the complimentary wine/mocktail we enjoyed while sitting in the Black Sparrow bar with our knitting and listening to 1920s live music before the movie. 

Some of the goodies we received

Then the special knitters goody bag we each received going in (put together by the fantastic Tash of Holland Road Yarn Company - a main sponsor of the event) as well as the spot prizes from other sponsors that were given out.
And ending with being able to say hi to some fellow knitters I'd previoulsy only met on Ravelry (I'm secretly a little jealous of their weekly knit together, there's not much of that going on over this side of the hill that I'm aware of - if only I lived a little closer to Wellington!)

If you're in the Wellington region and feel like a knitting night at the movies, check out the next session happening in August!  You can find all the details on the FaceBook page.

What interesting knitting events happen in your neck of the woods?  I'd love to hear about it!


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  1. It was a great event wasn't it! It was lovely to meet you, sorry I was a bit slow, at first I thought you said your name was Emma, and I had no clue! ha!!


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