New Designs!

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I figured it was about time I updated about my latest designs.

First up, the one I mentioned in my previous post being published in a magazine.

Photo copyright Practical Publishing

This is my Tadpole Romper and Booties set and it was published in the January edition of Knit Now magazine.  It's a UK-based magazine, though it is available here in most yarn shops.

I was super excited to have a design accepted into a real print magazine and I even had my yarn supplied direct from the company (Artesano Yarns - the superwash DK is very nice yarn to work with!)

My latest pattern I posted about before Christmas.

This tunic/dress is called Kahli and is very different to my normal design process - it is made in 11 different pieces that are sewn together rather than knit all in one piece.  This made it quite a challenge to grade for the different sizes and write up into an easy-to-follow pattern!

I released it at the beginning of this month and wanted to run a KAL for it, so I decided to start up a group on Ravelry for my designs!

I'm planning on running regular giveaways over there, the main one being a monthly draw for current WIP or FO (work-in-progress or finished-object) photos of my designs, so if you've knit any of my patterns or are planning to then make sure you join my group!

Somebody's not too impressed with a mobile baby!

And in other news, my Little Man is crawling!  Yep, at only 6 months old he's moving around quite well.  And at the same time the girls have decided to be really into playing with their Lego which gets left out on the floor for him to break (fortunately he doesn't put it in his mouth otherwise I'd ban them from playing with it!)


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


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