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Yesterday was Mother's Day.

When I was pregnant-almost-due with BigMiss I joked with J that I should get to have my first Mother's Day as I was technically a mother already.  He laughed and it never happened.
So neither did Father's Day.

Since then, it hasn't really been a big deal in our house.  No breakfast in bed, flowers, cards, special attention or anything.

But now the girls are older they've taken their own initiative (though I think it was helped by the junior class doing art with a Mother's Day focus).

It started with both me and J being given an 'invitation' each (basically as soon as we were awake!)

They were planning on doing it after lunch (we usually go to Nana & Pop's house) as they thought we wouldn't have time before Church, but we said if they got dressed and organised quick enough then we would have time.

When we were all dressed and ready, I was told I had to find my presents in a Treasure Hunt and they would tell me if I was 'hot' or 'cold'.

Here's what I found:
Two wordfinds from BigMiss
(She said they were tricky ones because there were some words that weren't in the wordfind!)

A vase of flowers from BigMiss
(She had made the picture at school on Friday and put the base on it to turn it into a vase on Saturday.  MiddleMiss helped with the flower making as they were modelled on some she'd made last year in the junior class at school.)

A 'pattern' from MiddleMiss
(Can you see the picture of the skirt and top?  She drew them - and labeled the colours - so that I knew what she wanted me to make for her!)

A letter from LittleMiss
(This was done at school.  The picture is of me and her with a flower.)

A flower in a vase from LittleMiss
(This was also made at school.)

Then we all had to sit in a circle in the lounge and play Pass-the-Parcel together.  LittleMiss provided the music (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star sung very cutely) and directed the proceedings.  Every layer unwrapped had something, even if it was just a blank piece of paper, and I had to get the last parcel - a special note from LittleMiss 'To Mama' with her signature flower drawn on it.

The morning ended with the girls all giving me a special 'I Love You' hug.

Commercial gifts and cards can't compete with that!


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