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LittleMiss was desperate for new pants.  She only had one pair that were not ripped at the knee or too short and they were just trackpants so not very suitable for wearing out.

So I sat down with the pattern books and sewing machine and made her a cosy pair of new pants.

I used chocolate brown baby cord which is just perfect for heading into winter with.  They are made using a pattern from the Spring 1/2011 Ottobre magazine #13 called 'Plum'.  (The exact same pattern is used for the boys pants #29 called 'No Kung Fu' but dressed up with the knee patches, so I decided to put knee patches on these too - hopefully they won't wear out as fast as usual!)

Never one to make plain things, I had to dress them up with contrasting fabric on the pockets and knee pads.  I used some green gingham, printed with little green daisies that I had in stash.  I love the way the back pockets are made into the yoke of the pants.  I've accented it by using the green gingham as the pocket lining.

She especially loves the ties on the cargo pockets.  I was planning on just putting snaps on them, but she saw the picture and said "The ribbons are what I like best" so I had to do them!

My only problem with them is that I made them just the right size, so she'll probably outgrow them this season.  That's if she doesn't wear them out first - she hasn't taken them off since I made them, except for school (uniform).  So next time I'll be making the next size up!

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