Holland Road Yarn Company

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Sometimes I think it would be nice to live in a city.  You have access to so much more like all the large chain stores (like Spotlight) and the smaller boutique shops.

One boutique shop I wish I was a little bit closer to has just opened in Petone. 

Holland Road Yarn Company is the 'bricks and mortar' store of Tash from Knitsch.  I'm super jealous of all the locals that can stop by whenever they feel like it and am just waiting for a spare day to head over that way for a nosey myself.  I think it must be every knitter's dream to run a yarn store and Tash seems to be doing a great job of it so far from all that I've read on Ravelry and Facebook.  She stocks a large range of yarn brands, Knit Pro needles, books and other yarn related stuff.  Check out the thread on Ravelry for all the details of the opening day they had and such.

If you happen to be in the Wellington area, make sure you stop by the shop.  Or, if you're like me and it won't happen for a while, you can always shop online!


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  1. Amber, we can do small-town craft supplies commiserating together! (though we do have a Spotlight here...which is crazy - the only one in BOP - nothing in much larger Tauranga or the Mount!!!No complaints!) Oh I do miss living in Wellington though...
    Holland Road is just divine!


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