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Isn't it funny how you think you'll have all this free time to get things done when the youngest starts school?  I think that must be why it feels like you have less time and things get neglected.

I had so many plans to be organised and have a 'routine' to my week so I would be able to get a little done on each thing I had planned with my time.  But that hasn't happened.

My days seem to disappear before I've realised they've started and by the end of it I feel that nothing planned was accomplished.  I have lists of sewing I want done, lists of knitting and designing I want done, painting the house that needs doing, general daily housework that needs doing, and all of it seems way behind schedule.

One routine that was planned has been happening - I'm the dog's best friend as she gets to go for a good walk around the block first thing once the girls are on the bus to school.  She's quite funny about it and sulks if we don't go (like on Tuesday when it was pouring with rain and I got wet enough just going to the bus stop and back!)

The knit designing has happened, but really only because I have a deadline.

The painting has been minimal (at my rate it will take several years to paint the interior).

But the sewing hasn't happened.  (Though I did make BigMiss a skirt, only because it was the same one I was doing with the sewing class at school and I needed to show them what we were working towards.)

And the housework only gets done if we're having visitors.

So if you don't hear from me for several weeks (as seems to be the case lately), I've just been rushing through each day trying to get a little of everything done and some things just have to wait.  (Though I might make use of the auto-post feature when I have a good stretch of free time.)


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