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I've been expecting a nice big box on my doorstep any day and it finally arrived today!
(Well, actually, there was a ticket in my door when I got home from a morning at work telling me I had to go collect the box as I wasn't home when the courier called.)

So, with the help of LittleMiss we emptied the contents, ticking off against my order notes, and then piled it all up for a quick photo.

It would be very nice if it was all mine, but it's not.  There was a sale on at Bendigo Woollen Mills over the ditch in Australia and to save postage two of my SIL's, a friend and I went in together with a very big order.  There were 49 in total 200g balls of wool and cotton in various shades of purples, pinks, blues and greens (and a few neutrals too).

And I now know when you have to pay customs and GST charges for an international parcel and how much that all is... let's just say that our savings on postage was cancelled out by the GST and customs charge.

Every single one of the yarns I ordered is intended to be a prototype for one of the new designs I have floating around in my head or sketched in my notebook.

And in other news, my next design, Clara, is nearing the finishing stages of testing and I'm hoping to have it up by the beginning of December!  So all those Southern Hemisphere knitters will have it available this Summer.


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  1. Very cool photos!!! I piled my 'littler' pile on my bed, and started dreaming! I guess my cross stitch won't be coming out for awhile yet ............. :) Karin

  2. Nearly 10 kilos of yarn! Pity about the charges. You only have to buy 2 or 3 balls to get free postage over here in A. What sort did you end up buying?

  3. Most of the order was Classic. Though I got mostly Luxury and a couple of Cottons and Harmony.


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