I've had a busy year...

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I know I'm a very sporadic blogger but it's time to give the blog some love again!

So a quick run down on a few major events to catch you all up...

I had my first adult design published!
Riverdale was included in the Winter 2014 edition of the online magazine Twist Collective

I had my second adult design published in an actual printed book!
Buddina was included in the Spring 2015 Knit Picks collection Golden Morning

I started a full time job (so designing took a back seat for a while).

Then I had a baby girl and we now have a genuine Canadian in the family!

And we moved house.  During a snowstorm.  Three weeks before the Baby Girl arrived.

Now we have summer holidays and my big girls home from school so I need to come up with ideas to keep them occupied for the next ten or so weeks!  Any suggestions are welcome :)


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