Darn it!

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I have a hole in my sock.  My nice warm knitted sock.  The pair I had only just finished when winter started.

I have a little left over yarn and know how to fix it but how far should I go?  The fabric is wearing thin in other places too.

I never really appreciated knitted socks before coming to Canada.  I always found them too hot to wear.  Not so in this land of cold!  This pair of socks have been worn almost constantly since they were finished, which is probably why they have a hole already (and having all wooden floors at home).

The funny thing about these socks is that they were a classic case of Second Sock Syndrome or SSS.  I made the first one the beginning of 2010 and started a different sock instead of making a second!  That next sock was finished and also never had it's mate started.  So you could say I had a pair of socks, just not a matching pair!  (Since then I have actually finished three pairs of socks - two were gifts and the other was for a KAL so they all had deadlines.)

Mixed in with my yarn stash that came over from NZ were my two single socks.  It didn't take me long to realize that warm woollen socks were a good idea in this country, so I dug through my part balls, printed out the pattern and got knitting on the first second sock!

Then other, more urgent knitting projects got in the way of starting the next second sock.  Until I got a hole.

Now I'm racing through the next one and already planning another pair!  Hopefully I don't get SSS this time, but it seems necessity is a great motivator for me to finish!

Any one else had issues with SSS?  What's the longest it's taken you to finish a pair of socks?

~ Amber ~


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