A Shift in Hemisphere...

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Earlier in the year I vaguely mentioned some major changes that were going to happen in our lives this year.  The first one was a big change of job for both J and me with the sale of his parent's business (we both worked for/with them for the past 9+ years).

But now, the real major change is upon us - we're moving to Canada!

This photo was taken by J earlier this year at the local Aerodrome when they had a WWI Air Show/display on.  He thought it was very fitting, considering our plans for this year.

This is a big deal for us as it's not just 'across the ditch' (to Australia - the common thing NZers do), it's a complete change of hemispheres and we will be leaving all our extended family behind.  We're going on a one-way ticket with a very flexible idea of when we will be coming back home!

We leave New Zealand in just under three weeks at the begining of August which should give us a bit of time to settle in etc before the girls start the new school year there in September.

School's on holiday at the moment and as we leave the week after Term 3 starts, there wasn't much point them going back to school here.  This also means I have three very excited and nervous girls to try and keep busy while I trying to pack up our life and sell all our furniture.  Things are very busy for us right now!

Hopefully the next post on this blog will be made from the hot and humid Summer going on in Ontario when we're finally settled!

PS:  Do you think it's terrible that I'm looking forward to having a 'real' winter where my knits might actually get worn?  (The girls love wearing my knits, they just never seem to get really cold enough to get good use out of them.  Today, for example, they're outside in shorts and singlets and it's the middle of July!)


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  1. Ohh so its all go!? How exciting for you all, I hope all the packing and moving goes super smoothly and well, can't wait to read your blog posts from the other side of the world! And singlets?? wow, it was nice here today, but not that nice!

  2. Wow, that's big! All the best!

  3. Have a safe and happy move. Good luck!


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