We Have Arrived!

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(Now I'm hoping that this post works and things don't look disjointed as it's my first time using the mobile app to do a blog post.  Our only Internet is on the phone until the tech comes to set it up.)

It has been a bit over six weeks ago that we arrived in Canada to live and a very full six weeks it has been too!  The first few days were spent adjusting to the time difference, purchasing a smart phone (specifically for the GPS feature - Canada's a big country to get lost in!), sorting out driver's licences and finding a vehicle, while dealing with over-tired kids and driving on the wrong side of the road! 

Our first weekend here, we drove six hours north to spend a week camping in the forest of Algonquin Park with the family we were staying with.  The girls (and the Little Man) had lots of fun meeting the wildlife.

The next two weeks were spent trying to find a suitable (i.e. not a two bedroom apartment, of which there seem plenty) place to rent that was close to both J's work and the girls' school while also sorting out uniforms and school supplies for the girls.  Thanks to the help of some friends we found the perfect place out in the country (yet only a 10min drive to the nearest mall!)

Mad buying of necessary furniture, kitchen gear and groceries ensued so we could move in immediately, which was also the day before J had to start work!  The girls and I had one week to settle in and set up house before they started school.

They get to ride the classic yellow school bus and they get picked up right at the front gate!

With everyone but me and the Little Man out of the house from 7.30 to 4.30 most days, no vehicle (we only have one which J takes to work) and yarn for only one project (a man-sized sweater, but mostly stocking stitch so a little boring) until the rest of my stash arrives, there was only so much baking and tidying house I could do before I had to buy some yarn online!

I have plenty of yarny plans in store with new designs just waiting for my stash to arrive so I can cast on and ideas for expanding my designing!  I'm sure there will be inspiration aplenty as we head into our first Canadian winter.  Watch this space for news!

~ Amber ~

Ps. It appears this post never published when I wrote it a few weeks ago...unfortunately I only checked and found out today.


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