Knitting for Babies

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One of the first questions I've been asked when friends find out about the baby is if I've been doing any baby knitting.

I have, but none of it for our baby yet!

Within my circle of friends there's plenty of babies on the way.  First there was a baby born just last month, another one born just last week, one due in May, four due in July, three due in August and then me!  So guess whose baby knitting will happen last?

(And that's not including the knits I have to do for up-coming designs.)

I do have plans to make a blanket for this little one, though.

Most likely a Wool Leaves or an Umaro:
Both patterns by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed

I've ordered the yarn and will decide when it arrives which one it suits best.  This will be a special blanket made with special yarn, but more about that when the yarn gets here.
(I'm expecting it to take around two months as it's coming from the US and was a special limited edition colourway dyed to order.)

But, knowing myself and my uselessness at getting around to things I figured a quicker knit would ensure this baby isn't born without anything handknit by me.  So I spent some time on Ravelry looking at booties and sock patterns, favourited a whole heap but decided on none!

The other problem appeared when I went through my stash - I've really only got either girl colours (funny that!), bright colours (think frog-green) or dark colours (grey & black).  Yarn shopping might be in order, I think!

So, anyone got suggestions for quick baby knits (links are great!) and what are good newborn neutral colours (we're not planning on finding out the sex)?
I like plain, but modern and don't really like a lot of garter stitch.  And crochet booties or hats are great too!


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