A New Design in Process!

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Are you like everybody else and madly rushing around getting ready for Christmas?

There's plenty of 'mad' and 'rush' going on round here, though mostly because our life is undergoing a few changes (don't worry, it's all good so far!) which means a lot of extra work in the meantime.

But I have still been knitting, and even a bit of crochetting for a change!

Here's my latest FO:

This is a tunic I've designed for my BigMiss.  It hasn't quite worked out as I'd like - I wanted it to be a little longer - so I've ordered some yarn to knit one the right length for my LittleMiss also.  I'll still work on getting modelled photos of this one on my BigMiss soon anyway.

I'm just working on the final modifications to the pattern, then it should be ready to go to testers!

And I'm thinking about starting up a Ravlery group for my designs...
What do you think?
Good idea, bad idea?
Will I run out of things to talk about, or will I bore people with too much talk?
Will I be the only member?


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  1. Well, you won't be the only member - I'd be first in line to sign up, but I'm a HUGE fan with bias. Love the pattern and can't wait to test it!

  2. You certainly won't be the only member! I will join! And you won't bore people. Think about your favourite groups - what makes them good? I think it is striking the right balance between specific patterns, knitting in general and life in general. Certainly worth a try.


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