Another Summer Knit

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I was planning a post on the gift knitting I've been doing lately but the photos are still on the camera which I don't have with me right now, so I thought instead I would show the cute summer top I made for MiddleMiss (way back in December!)

You may remember I blogged about it's start way back here.

The pattern is Hine by Kelly Brooker (one of my favourite fellow Kiwi designers) and is written for DK, Worsted and Aran weight yarn.  Of course I wanted to do it in fingering which meant tweaking the pattern to suit!  (Why can't I just follow a pattern!?)

It's the details that make this top so nice.  A neat button band that required cute buttons (I purposefully chose different ones as I think it adds character) and a simple lace pattern on the short sleeves.

And, yes, MiddleMiss approved!  She often chooses to wear it still and because it's wool (Vintage Purls sock yarn) I know it'll keep her warm even if the weather isn't.

PS. For more knitterly details and info on the mods I made to suit fingering yarn check out my project page.


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