Kids in the Kitchen

BigMiss has been doing a lot of baking and cooking for me lately.  So much so that I can't remember the last time it was actually me doing the baking! 

She has a really good kid's recipe book that has clear step by step illustrated instructions and just does it all herself.  (The other day she told me she was going to do some baking and I wasn't allowed to know what she was making or come in the kitchen - and I totally trusted her!)

So when I heard about a school holiday cooking program where the kids have to make dinner each night for a week I thought it would be just the thing for her.  It's an online program that runs nationally and includes daily challenges with chances to win prizes.

The first day was yesterday and one challenge was to do a Random Act of Kindness involving food.  BigMiss decided to make a batch of brownies for our neighbor (a nice single lady that works long hours).  She took it over in the evening when we saw she'd come home from work.

And for dinner she made Chicken Couscous Pile Up which tasted absolutely delicious!  It was couscous (we dressed it up with apricots, pumpkin seeds and red onion as the recipe just had it plain) with fancy lettuce on top, a crumbed chicken schnitzel on that and topped with chopped tomatoes and plum sauce.

Tonight it's going to be Beef (actually venison as that's all we have in the freezer) Fried Rice and the daily challenge is to do a themed over-the-top table setting.  It will be interesting to see what BigMiss comes up with as she's spending the day at a friend's house today and will need to plan it all there!


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