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KAL, WIP, FO* - if you're not a hardcore knitter, you're probably wondering what all those letters mean!  And now another one to add to the mix - WWFY.

WWFY stands for Will Work For Yarn.

Basically, if you have the yarn ready for a project but not the time to knit it you can ask to 'hire' a knitter.  Usually you pay in yarn (the equivalent yarn as that being knitted) or shop vouchers to the same value or even just any agreed upon payment for the service.

There's a group on Ravelry set up for Australian & NZ people that I've been keeping an eye on so I can score some "free" yarn.  And I've recently offered to knit someone the very funky Ashworth Scarf in exchange for a mystery baby knit kit.

Though, I'm hoping I haven't over-committed as the scarf is knit in laceweight (2ply) on 2.75mm needles!

Now, I say mystery knit kit because I'm discovering that I'm a very indecisive person when it comes to choosing yarn colours for projects.  I'm much happier letting other people decide for me (within general guidelines depending on the project - i.e. neutrals, bold, girly, etc) and said so to my partner.

So, anyway, yesterday I received in the post a lovely package from Tangled Yarns (the person I'm knitting for is in Australia), wrapped up really gorgeously.

And inside were four balls of Biggan Designs DK Merino in the colours Light Khaki and Crimson and a single button to match (it turns out that there were suppose to be 10 buttons, so I have 9 more on their way!)

I'm just waiting on my person's package of project yarn which she's told me has the mystery pattern that goes with this yarn.  Though, it does feel a bit strange to receive payment for a job before you've even started it!

And even though it looks like the scarf knitting is going to keep me busy for a while, I'm actually looking forward to it.  I really enjoy knitting in laceweight and it's mostly stocking stitch anyway so should be easy mindless knitting.

*KAL=Knit-A-Long, WIP=Work-In-Porgress, FO=Finished Object


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Knitting A-Long

On Ravelry, Red Riding Hood Yarns is having a KAL (Knit-A-Long) for the month of June (start and finish any project in RRHY during the month of June and share your projects on the way).  I was undecided if I was going to join in as I have so much knitting I should be doing and the plans I had for my RRHY skeins were not on my list of 'have-to's.

But then I finished my Billy vest (the re-knit) and had none of my planned knitting ready to go so I did a little swatching, then tweaking of pattern numbers and cast on (yet another) new design using the Nymph colourway (first installment in the Winter 2011 Yarn Club).

This club installment yarn came with a set of perfectly colour matched mermaid buttons so I had to design something that would use them both together.  The plan is for this to be a jacket with simple cable panels down the front and sleeves and pepped up with pockets and a belt.  I just have to make sure this size 5 uses exactly 5 buttons as that's all I have!

The picture shows the collar so far, which is where I was up to last week (and never got around to posting on here about at the time).  I'm a lot further on now, due in part to lots of driving on our weekend away to Taupo (being stuck in a car for hours is great for guilt-free knitting time!) but seem to have mis-placed the camera so can't show an updated progress photo just yet!

Joining in again with My Creative Space.


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