They Call Me Crazy

Actually, the more polite word patient is used, but I know they really mean crazy.

Because I specialize in re-knitting the same thing over and over.
I'm a bit of a perfectionist and, especially when designing, like it to be just right even if it means doing something several times until it is.

If you've been reading here for a while you might remember my top with five sleeves.

And, the observant among you might also have noticed a slight difference between the pockets on the first

and finished

pictures of the Billy I've been working on.  (Yes, they're a little bigger in the second picture.  But I won't say how many times I redid that section - mainly because I didn't count!  And, yes, it really does matter, it looks so much better now.)

And now I'm doing it again.

This jersey used to be a different jersey.
An almost-finished, just-have-to-do-the-sleeves jersey.

Then I decided that the idea of working two sleeves in mostly purl really didn't appeal.  And I wanted to make a jersey version of Billy for one of the girls but didn't have enough yarn in one colour.

So I just undid the cast off, cast on the new jersey and unravelled as I knit!

At least this way I should be able to tell when I'm at the right length.  The first jersey was worked in the same manner (raglan, top-down) to a good length so when I run out of yarn this jersey should be ready to cast off at the perfect length too!

Though, I am hoping that I've got the placement of the kangaroo-pocket right first time so I don't have to go back and redo that.

For more crafty kinds go here.


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There's a great sense of satisfaction when you finish a design, lay it out flat and it looks just like you wanted it to!

Now to find the perfect buttons, sew in the ends and visit the cute little nephew for photos.  Pattern available soon, hopefully!

This turned out almost perfect too.  Due to a mix-up with 10ply/8ply yarn I ran out before I could do full long sleeves.  Working on a contrast sleeve instead.

For more creative types, check out here.


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And it Snowed Some More...

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BigMiss and LittleMiss jumping the snow off the tramp (they took their gumboots off and got very wet socks!)

This time we got the real stuff.  And it lasted for more than a day!

So what does BigMiss do?

Gets out the motorbike and goes for a skid round the back yard.

MiddleMiss built a snowman.

It got rather warm when the sun came out inbetween it snowing.

Then we all went for lunch to the SIL's where out came the tractor.

Even I had a go (we just won't say what happened to the clam shell).


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My Creative Space

I've been doing a bit of knitting (and designing) lately.

A previous design being remodelled in a cardigan version. 

And a new design in the process.

Joining in over here.


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Sweet As, Baby!

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Another design, one that was waiting patiently for finishing touches to the prototype so I could take photos.

The baby size pattern of my Sweet As... tee.

This version is worked in 4ply/fingering yarn as the hearts work up too big in 8ply/DK for babies.  It still features the cute puffed sleeves, the same as the larger version.

I'm fortunate to not be lacking in cute little models for baby sizes!

Sweet As, Baby! Pattern Details:
Approx age/chest measurement
NB 38cm/15”
3mth 40.5cm/16”
6mth 43cm/17”
9mth 45.5cm/18”
12mth 48cm/19”
18mth 50.5cm/20”
2yrs 53cm/21”

Yarn Requirements:
4ply/fingering yarn: approx 210-360yds/190-330m

28sts x 36rows on size 3/3.25mm needles over 10cm/4" in stocking stitch

Purchasing details:
Price: USD$5
Purchases are made via PayPal and a downloadable pdf link is emailed immediately.


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